This branded term refers to a combined documentation, decision and inquiry-support tool that can group multiple pre-filtered functions for a more efficient and error-free charting workflow.

SmartSets can line-up reasons for visit, order sets, order panels, documentation tools, flowsheets, professional billing codes, communications, patient instructions and other user interface (report and navigation) customizations to suit the charting needs associated with a particular health condition or visit type.

The term "SmartSet" refers to an underlying data structure. Order Sets have the same underlying structure but include only orders (most commonly, inpatient mode orders) whereas SmartSets contain outpatient mode orders as well as some documentation tools and templates.

Express Lanes are a special kind of SmartSet with a few additional features such as the ability to have a built‐in Chart Search and streamlined medication reconciliation.

Related Concepts

    • Synonyms: SmartTool, Smart Tool, Orderset, Order set