Radar Dashboard (Epic)

The Epic Radar Dashboard tool can be tailored to meet the needs of almost any role in the organization, from provider to billing clerk.

Radar dashboards can include links, lists, tasks and visualizations. These include infographics and summaries of information from any of the Epic operations, analytics or reporting databases. It is also possible to embed data metrics and displays from enterprise tools like Tableau, or to launch those tools from a dashboard.

Specialty Dashboards include resource & reference blocks, specialty information blocks, indicators and measures blocks and chronic disease management blocks.

Core Dashboards include feedback about common personal performance measures, such as open charts, un-reconciled orders, etc.

AHS Analytics dashboards can be embedded in Radar Dashboards, providing a single point of reference for clinical and operational data summaries.

Related Concepts

    • Synonyms: Epic Analytics, Dashboards, Visualization