Clinical Information System (CIS)

Integrated information management platform supporting the collection, access, use and sharing of information supporting the delivery of health services to persons and populations in multiple settings across the continuum of care.

In addition to EHR and EMR functions, a CIS facilitates the management of services delivered by organizations, such as registration, bed management, transition tracking, and resource allocation. Decision support and analytics are embedded to realize a comprehensive continuum-of-care collection of records supporting both health care and health care improvement.

Canada Health Infoway: A clinical information system is a system dedicated to collecting, storing, manipulating and making available clinical information important to the delivery of healthcare, under the custodianship of an integrated health care delivery network. Clinical information systems may be limited in scope to a single area (e.g. lab system, ECG management system) or they may be comprehensive and cover virtually all facets of clinical information.

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    • Synonyms: Hospital Information System, Enterprise Information System, Hospital Management System

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