Metrics (Epic)

Metrics, in an Epic Cogito context, are defined and quantifiable measurements used in reports to summarize information about processes or outcomes.

Reports are often built around key Metrics, which can give high-level summations and analyses of multiple variables. Clinicians may liken them to decision or prediction rules used to summarize multiple complex considerations; such as risk of DVT. Managers may liken metrics to carefully derived indicators; such as acuity-adjusted length of stay.

Metrics can summarize information about system use, processes, outcomes and performance:

  • Meaningful use compliance measures (order-entry, allergy review, medication reconciliation, adverse reaction review). Charting quality indicators (i.e. overuse of copy-forward).

  • Decision-support Impact - Reactions to charting reminders, decision supports

  • Processes - Performance indicators prioritized by each specialty i.e. wait times, readmission rates, etc.

  • Outcomes Safety and complication tracking (i.e. BP control, infection rates, etc).

Related Concepts

    • Synonyms: Epic Analytics, RWB, Dashboards