Using the eHealth Glossary

  1. Home - Clicking on the top-left Connect Care logo will return to the home page and restore the glossary to its default view.

  2. Title and Page Link - The right-frame title bar identifies the current section. Positioning the cursor (pointing device) over a section title will cause a link icon (chain link) to appear. Clicking on this copies the page location to the computer clipboard so that it can be pasted somewhere else when there is need to reference a specific glossary item.

  3. Search - Note the Search icon (magnifying glass) at the top right. Selecting this opens a search box. Entering search term(s) will find all Glossary entries containing the specified term.

  4. Content - The item text may have hyperlinks (underlined) that can be selected for more information about a specific topic.

  5. Buttons - Buttons appear at the bottom of every section. These link to the Connect Care Blogs (Updates), Connect Care Manual (Manual), Connect Care Builders' Handbook (Builders) and emails for corrections or feedback (Feedback).

  6. Page Information - An information icon appears at the bottom left of every definition. Selecting this will reveal when the definition was last updated.

  7. Browse - An outline appears in the left frame. This has sections that can be expanded or collapsed. Selecting a section title will cause it to display in the right panel. If the outline does not show, look for an outline icon at the top of the left screen and select this to "pull out" the outline. This outline icon always shows on mobile displays and must be selected to navigate between sections.