eHealth Glossary - Links Legend

The Glossary provides high-level definitions. To help the reader, a consistent naming convention is used when presenting links to more detailed information.


    • Byte - (~1 page) brief explanation of a topic, function, concept or process; serving as a quick orientation for readers unfamiliar with the focus of a Manual section.
    • FAQ - (1-10 pages) series of common questions about a particular topic, providing an accessible way for prescribers to quickly home in on issues of particular interest.
    • Tip - (1-3 pages) illustrated explanation of how to perform a particular function, always practical and always about how to use a function.
    • Guide - (1-10 pages) more detailed exploration of the features and controls for a particular function, activity or information process.
    • Infographic - (1-2 pages) graphic representation of a workflow or process, useful for illustrating how different functions, possibly performed by different persons, relate in a health information system.
    • Backgrounder - (1-10 pages) explication of a policy or process.
    • Briefing - (1-2 pages) summary key messages from a backgrounder.
    • Crib-Sheet - (1-5 pages) summary of properties of a tool, settings or other configuration and use instructions
    • Demo - (<5 min) brief video demonstration of a particular function or workflow, emphasizing essential prescriber actions.
    • Glossary - (few sentences) definition of a term, concept or function, usually linked to
    • Norm - (5-10 pages) exploration of expectations of users respecting a particular functionality.
    • Principles - (1 page) summary of key principles guiding the design, build or use of a particular functionality.
    • Compact - (1 page) simple statement of mutual expectations and accountabilities.