Common Acronyms and Abbreviations

The following acronyms and abbreviations are often used in Connect Care communications. They complement general eHealth contractions that appear in glossary definitions and can be searched for using the search tool (top right magnifying glass icon).

AMH: Addiction & Mental Health

AVS: After Visit Summary

BA: Business Analyst

BMDI: Biomedical Device Integration

BPAM: Blood Product Administration Module

CCC: Connect Care Council

CCAC: Connect Care Area Councils

CDM: Clinical Decision Management

CDS: Clinical Decision Support

CIL: Clinical Informatics Lead

CIEL: Clinical Informatics Education Lead

CIM: Clinical Information Management

CIS: Clinical Information System

CCLIMB: Connect Care Launch Incident Management Branch (formerly Command Structure)

CMFR: Capacity Management & Financial Readiness

CORe: Clinical Operations Readiness

CORe Lead: Clinical Operations Readiness Lead

CSD: Clinical Systems Design

CT: Credentialed Trainer

D&R: Downtime & Recovery

DME: Durable Medical Equipment

DMO: Dragon Medical One

EWS: Early Warning Systems

HCM: Health Communication Management

HIM: Health Information Management

HRHV: High Risk High Volume

iSTAR: Interim State Transition and Application Retirement

LDA Avatar: Lines, Drains & Airways Avatar

MIEL: Medical Informatics Education Lead

MIL: Medical Informatics Lead

MRP: Most Responsible Provider

MRHP: Most Responsible Healthcare Provider

OCM: Organizational Change Management

PC: Project Coordinator

PM: Project Manager

PMO: Project Management Office

PMRS: Patient Movement Readiness Series

POCT: Point of Care Testing

PSIM: Personal and Shared Information Management

SC: Shadow Charting

SMAT: Standardized Medication Administration Times

SME: Subject Matter Expert

SOC: Senior Operating Committee

TDR: Technical Dress Rehearsal

SU: Super User

UCC: Urgent Care Centre

UG: User Group

VOH: Virtual Office Hours

WDR: Workflow Dress Rehearsal

WFWT: Workflow Walkthrough

WOW: Workstation-On-Wheels

WP: Work Package